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Fast way to relax

This is something I do if I'm short of time but need to relax and chill out. I also often start a meditation this way as it quickly gets me in 'the zone'.

I get comfortable, close my eyes and picture myself starting to rise above the ground, so that everything below me starts getting smaller and smaller, much like when you take off in a plane, for those of you who have flown. You might be looking down on the rooftops around where you live, or looking down onto fields and meadows - you choose!

I keep rising up until I'm above the clouds where all there is, is the sun and a layer of white fluffy clouds below me and blue sky stretching forever above me. The sense of relaxation is wonderful - all your cares and worries are nowhere to be seen - they are far away back on the ground. Just stay there as long as you want before gently coming back down to the ground.


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