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Why Do Meditation?

What are the benefits of meditation? I'll answer this from a personal point of view, rather than a 'scientific' view. In my experience, meditating helps me to become calm, centered in the now & deeply relaxed. I can feel any stress and tension slipping away while I am in a meditative state. I feel free, blissful and happy. Nothing bothers me. I feel weightless. Time disappears.

Afterwards, everything seems to flow better in my life. You know how some days you might say to yourself 'I'm having one of those days!' Nothing goes right, problem after problem seems to get in your way. Well, on days when I start with a meditation (even for just 5 minutes) my day is the opposite of that. Synchronicity comes in, I seem to attract positive events and the day goes more smoothly than when I haven't meditated.

I think it's because I'm changing my own energy when I meditate so I am attracting things on a different vibration - a more gentle, positive vibration.

I think that if your day starts with kids screaming, the alarm clock going off, noisy neighbours, and then rush, rush, rush, it's hard to get your energy and your day going 'on track'. Do you know what I mean?

If you can suggest to yourself before you fall asleep at night that you want to wake up (15 minutes earlier than normal) at, say, 7am, you can do a 15 minute meditation and watch a calmer day unfold before you...

I hope that the information and videos on this blog may help you to have days that 'go with the flow' while you enjoy deep inner peace for much of the time.


  1. A consistent practice of meditation awakens our third eye, the center of spiritual sight. Intuition, telepathy, precognition are some of the abilities which develop as a result of an open third eye.

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  2. Meditation increases blood flow in your brain, enhancing focus, memory and overall cognitive function.Meditation practice is really
    very helpful for us. Thanks for sharing this kind of knowledge.