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Law of Attraction Meditation - Guided Meditation


  1. This meditation has a lot of skips in it. Hardly conducive to reaching a meditative state. I had to turn it off after less than a minute because the skips were so annoying.

  2. I'm really sorry it skipped for you - I have found the same thing happens at various times with any online video - the skips are not on my video itself, they seem to be simply a result of people's computers which can be slow sometimes and don't load the video properly.
    I intend to make my meditations available soon as MP3 downloads which will make for easier listening. I'll let you know via this blog when that happens.
    Apologies for the delay in replying, I moved house then went to Mexico, just back this week.

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  4. Beautiful meditation! I purchased the download from and it too had many skips. It was also only recorded on the left channel. Can you please correct this? Many thanks! I made a mono mix that I was going to try to send your way but with the skips, I don't think it would be useful.
    With gratitude,

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